The story of Enrique Gran, the painter, and Vicente Millás, the engineer, is one of those who fall in love for their curiosity and friendship in equal parts. Both men excelled in their respective fields, but it was thanks to an extraterrestrial phenomenon called Ummo that their paths crossed.

Millás lived in Madrid’s La Prosperidad neighborhood, where he had set up his own technical and medical devices company.

In the 1960s, La Prospe was a popular and busy neighborhood, where you could find artisans, professionals and traditional stores with all kinds of products. The most important street was Lopez de Hoyos, originally the connecting road between the village of Hortaleza and the big city.

In the 60’s and in this street at number 140, in front of a newspaper kiosk, there was a modern knitting and women’s clothing store whose owner was Isabel.

Isabel had a certain relationship with Vicente’s family, as his wife and eldest daughter were Isabel’s customers. Isabel was an elegant lady who dressed modern and stately, she had several small Pekingese dogs, Isabel’s resemblance to her Pekingese was striking, the dogs played around the store or snoozed in the sun behind the window.

Isabel was an exquisite woman, with a unique ability for design and sewing, but she also had a well-kept secret: she was in contact with the Ummitas, inhabitants of an exoplanet called Hummo, a civilization technologically very advanced compared to the situation on Earth.

At that time, the contacts between earthlings and Ummites were frequent, the believers in the phenomenon met weekly at the Café Lion, near Cibeles, to attend the gatherings of The Happy Whale where the members of the society, Friends of Space, shared information and news of their contacts with extraterrestrials.

Enrique Gran, was also one of those chosen by the Ummites to maintain contacts in which they revealed their knowledge.

Enrique had a problem to paint his pictures because he developed a certain allergy to paints and solvents used by painters, so he used to paint, with some difficulty, outdoors on the upper terrace of the building where he lived.

Possibly Enrique, in his contacts with the Ummitas, hoped that this advanced extraterrestrial civilization could give a solution to his problem, but even though they did not give him a direct solution, they did guide him to the definitive solution to his problem.

In the gatherings at the Café Lión, Enrique and Isabel must have met. Isabel, upon learning of the painter’s problem, suggested that he contact Millás, since she knew that in Millás’ workshops various types of devices were invented and manufactured, mostly dedicated to the world of medicine. This is how Isabel established the contact between the painter and the inventor, partially due to the UFO phenomenon called Ummo.

Enrique contacted Vicente to whom he explained his problem, Vicente began to think about the matter looking for different solutions to the challenge, during this time Enrique visited the Millás family home, meeting his wife and part of his children, there in those evenings Enrique told in detail part of his experiences and contacts with the Ummitas, while the Millás family listened carefully and skeptically to such adventures, The enjoyment was mutual and one of Vicente’s sons remembers the painter’s appetite, Enrique was a big man, with an advanced bald head, very expressive and never stopped talking, he was contagious with affection and sympathy, he was a person that one began to love very quickly, he inspired a lot of confidence and in spite of his relations with the Ummitas and his big body, he did not transmit any sensation of fear, but rather the opposite.

Vincent’s family and Henry himself struck up an endearing friendship that lasted for years.

Finally, Vicente manufactured a scuba that was attached to the painter’s head, this scuba was connected to a domestic vacuum cleaner with adjustable power, by means of a tracheal tube it was connected to the scuba, extracting the air from it, another tube was in charge of getting the fresh air to the scuba, both tubes had unidirectional valves that guaranteed the correct flow of air.

When the painter painted in a closed room, he would have to take the two tracheal tubes with the aspirator to the outside through a window, so that clean air would enter and the exhalation would also take place outside. This is how Enrique Gran was able to develop his profession without any limitations.

After the friendship that arose between Enrique and the Millás family, it was a problem for Vicente to put a price on the device, since it consisted of an old domestic vacuum cleaner, some pool cleaner tubes, an inverted garbage can with a lower wheel to adjust to the neck and a transparent visor that covered the window practiced on the side of the bucket, so that Enrique in gratitude in addition to his affection, friendship and wonderful evenings, gave the family three beautiful paintings created by this “great” man to the Millás family.

So, this is a beautiful true story in which a “great” painter and a “great” inventor, two great men, came together thanks to a fashion store and the participation of extraterrestrials to make a better world by helping each other.

May Enrique, Vicente and Isabel rest in peace.

Thanks to Francisco Millás for his collaboration and contribution of the documentary background.


Electronic Biographical Dictionary of the Royal Academy of History:

The meeting between Enrique Gran and Vicente Millás was collected and published by the writer Juan José Millás in the book “Cuerpo y próstesis”, published by País Aguilar in 2000.