Selected video

We have selected these images from the video gallery of the Enrique Gran Foundation’s documentary collection, due to the uniqueness of the selected exhibition.

This is an urban exhibition in the Paseo de la Reina Victoria in Santander: panels of notes, drawings, showcases with sculptural compositions, sketches, personal effects and work tools by Enrique Gran.

The complexity of this type of initiative, due to its ephemeral nature, is compensated by the extraordinary effect it produces on the passer-by, as it is a museum installation in the middle of the street.

A montage typical of a traditional exhibition space, converted for a day into “street furniture”.

Art with a capital letter to meet the spectator….

The Enrique Gran Foundation has held two editions of urban exhibitions around the Enrique Gran monument.

Images: Marcos Fdez. Aldaco

Music: Alberto Gorrochategui