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1st Video of the masterly conference by the painter Antonio López on the artistic career of Enrique Gran. Series of Conferences of the Ateneo de Santander within the programme of the “Año Gran”, Enrique Gran Foundation, as well as a link to the magazine report on “El año GRAN” of the RTVE program “España en comunidad”.

2nd Selection of the most significant documentaries starring Enrique Gran.

3rd “En los brazos de la luz” by director Marcos Fdez Aldaco. Documentary on the life and work of Enrique Gran, in which the Enrique Gran Foundation collaborates, made after the artist’s death and which includes statements from family, friends and some of the greatest exponents of Spanish culture.

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RTVE report “España en comunidad” about the “Año Gran”, from min.17:19.

Enrique Gran durante el documental de TVE, dirigido por Benito Rabal

Selection of the most significant documentaries starring Enrique Gran

-¿Qué pintamos aquí? Documentary by Benito Rabal for TVE, 1984

Extraordinary documentary about Enrique Gran painting on the roof of his studio in Madrid, in which Gran reflects on his concerns, his way of creating and understanding the inspiration that makes painting the centre of his existence.

Gran talks to us about light and colour, to whom he gives himself, in the midst of the creative process, “like the Catholics in the arms of the Lord”.

From one of these reflections, the title chosen by Marcos Fdez Aldaco for the documentary “In the arms of light” will emerge.

Rabal’s series for TVE ¿Qué pintamos aquí? was conceived as a kind of collage of the main living Spanish painters of the 20th century, united by stories told by the actor Francisco Rabal.

-El sol del membrillo. Documentary film by Víctor Erice, 1992.

Awarded at the Cannes Film Festival, it is also considered the best film of the 90s worldwide, according to the survey carried out by the Ontario Film Library among film libraries and festivals worldwide.

Afiche promocional de la película

This jewel of the cinema gives us the chance to enter the creative universe of Antonio López, friend and colleague of Enrique Gran, with whom he stars in the most emblematic scenes of this masterful film.

The promotional poster for the film “El sol del membrillo”, in which Antonio López and Enrique Gran appear and which illustrates this text, immortalises one of the most well-known and loved scenes of the film and in some way the complicity of a great friendship between two great artists.

“En los brazos de la luz” by director Marcos Fdez. Aldaco, 2012. 

Trailer “En los brazos de la luz”

Afiche promocional del documental sobre Enrique Gran

Documentary on the life and work of Enrique Gran with contributions from Víctor Erice, Antonio López, Francisco Nieva, Juan José Millás, Francisco Calvo Serraller, Cristino de Vera, Antonio Bonet Correa,…, friends and family of Gran.

The work of Marcos Fdez Aldado, brings us closer to this legendary character, full of a deep spirituality and extraordinary passion for the noble art of painting.

“Never has a painter, who has worked in front of the implacable eye of a film camera, had a better travelling companion”. Víctor Erice (Reflection of the filmmaker on the imposing presence of Gran in front of the cameras)

This great short film, in which the Enrique Gran Foundation has had the pleasure of collaborating, also features the talents of baritone David Rubiera and composer Hugo Sellés, who are responsible for giving voice to Enrique Gran’s writings and the documentary’s music, respectively.

Winner of two national awards (Torrelavega and Valladolid), “En los brazos de la luz” has also received well-deserved recognition in Latin American film festivals such as that of Bogotá.