The foundation

The Foundation

The Enrique Gran Foundation is a non-profitable entity with the aim of reserving, studying and exhibiting Enrique Gran’s work and memory. This foundation started on the day of the 10th Anniversary of this abstract Art genius’ offers a wide range of events, included in the “2009 Official Cultural Guide”, A series f cultural meetings have been planned for “Gran’s Year” led by Begona Merino, artist’s niece and head of the foundation.

After his sudden and tragic death in 1999, Begona Merino continued working on Gran’s unfinished project: showing his unknown and most personal pieces of work, pictures and written notes collected in the “Dream Maker” publication Gran’s logbook, and several samples of this work. This is a chance for the viewers to get close to the artist’s creative world and to the artistic and personal development of this famous XX century Spanish Artist.

Enrique Gran Foundation was born to offer this unique experience t the public and to keep Gran’s and word alive.